Catapult Running

Catapult Running

by Freedom

Catapult represents the most significant advancement in prosthetic running foot technology in decades. Now runners and sprinters can experience technology that advances energy return allowing them to run farther and faster, with less effort. Contact Freedom Customer Service for lead times.


  • Up to 30% greater energy return.

  • Optimized propulsion and stability.

  • PowerSpring customization enhances comfort and performance.

  • Integrating the revolutionary PowerSpring into the proven C spring design, Catapult sets a new standard for running and sprinting prosthetic technology.

  • Dual spring technology increases the amount of energy stored in the system and optimizes the timing of its release.

  • Energy propulsion allows users to expend less energy in a more stable and balanced design.

  • Stiffness tailored to amputee weight and running style; the included soft, medium and firm.

  • PowerSprings further enhance user customization.

  • Catapult's PowerSpring technology maximizes energy storage and energy return.

Product Details:

One Size, Tall
Product Weight
18 oz
Weight Limit
365 lbs
Activity Level
3, 4
Mounting Type
Energy Storing Energy Return, Running Specific

Additional information:

Trial Period
30 days
12 months
L Code
Sandal Toe

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