1C20 ProSymes

1C20 ProSymes

by Ottobock

The 1C20 ProSymes addresses the unique challenges that fitting a Symes amputee can present.
The key innovation in this foot is a unique spherical sliding block that allows you to correct alignment during trial fitting and even after the prosthesis has been completed. With the 1C20, there is no more wasted time and effort if you fit a Symes amputee with a misaligned foot. Simply adjust the sliding block so that it aligns properly with your patient’s socket.

The 1C20 ProSymes is constructed of bonded carbon fiber and urethane. This combination delivers outstanding reliability and performance. With a clearance of 43 mm, this is the ideal foot for Symes amputees who require a dynamic foot.


  • Positioning of the Foot-Easy adjustment of the foot in relation to the socket is possible with the new spherical alignment solution. A setting aid facilitates the alignment and determines the direction of the maximum adjustment range in the anterior/posterior direction.This provides an infinitely variable setting range beginning with 12° and accommodates different heel heights. A sliding block in the lamination anchor provides additional movement and allows for the abduction (+6°), adduction (-6°) and rotation (+/- 30°) of the socket.

  • Low Clearance

  • Spacer plate allows to fit patients with a clearance of more than 52 mm – adjustment possibilities are not affected

  • Indications and Application-ProSymes is suitable for Symes amputees and offers superb shock absorption at the heel, high energy return and a smooth roll-over. Limited application for fitting of Pirogoff amputations and re-amputated Chopart residual limbs.

Product Details:

25, 26, 27, 28
Product Weight
18 oz
Weight Limit
275 lbs
Activity Level
Mounting Type
Energy Storing Energy Return, Partial Foot / Symes

Additional information:

Trial Period
12 months
L Code
Sandal Toe

For more information visit http://www.ottobockus.com

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