by Ossur

For bilateral bracing applications, “saddle” sports, and other situations where a single, lateral hinge is advantageous, consider Extreme. Extreme is durable enough for rigorous athletic challenges, yet its Triax® shells are malleable, offering adaptability to changes in leg size and/or varus/valgus alignment. A carbon steel Poli-axial® hinge and Dynamic Force Strap® combine to provide excellent rotational control and proprioception.


  • Dynamic Force Strap eliminates the need for a medial upright and gives the user control over the level of rotational control

  • Single, lateral upright with carbon steel Poli-axial hinge is well-suited for “saddle” sports

  • Flexible carbon Triax shells are adaptable to changes in leg size and/or varus/valgus alignment

  • Wide, elastic thigh strap contains the hamstring and is easy to apply and adjust

  • Unique, dual padding configuration provides an optimal mix of comfort and suspension

  • For early onset osteoarthritis, varus/valgus stress can be added to the hinge during custom production

  • PCL control provided with no additional modifications

  • ROM control available for post-surgical use

  • Shells contain soft tissue for excellent proprioceptive feedback

  • Recommended for adolescents, where growth is an issue

  • Comes in 12 different colors

Product Details:

Body Part
Ligament, Post-Op, Stablization

Additional information:

Base L Code
Additional L Codes
Combined Stability
Available in Custom

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