Care Manuals

Determining the Proper Sock Fit

The proper sock fit can be determined by where the limb is positioned in the prosthesis when fully donned in the prosthesis. The kneecap should “float in the round opening in the front of the prosthesis. If you are wearing too many socks the knee cap will be above the opening. If you are not wearing enough socks the knee cap will fall below the opening.

Add a sock if: 

  • The kneecap falls into the prosthesis.
  • The leg feels funny, or different than before.
  • It feels loose.
  • Pain at the bottom of the leg.
  • A feeling of being wedged into the prosthesis (sometimes this feels like the leg is being squeezed).
  • The prosthesis rotates.
  • You feel unstable in the leg.
  • The knee cap is sore.

Subtract a sock if:

  • The knee cap is well above the prosthesis.
  • The leg feels unstable.
  • There is a pain or a feeling of extreme tightness around the knee.

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